What are escape rooms?

by Sudarsan

Escape rooms have grown in popularity in the United States over the past decade, and it’s not hard to see why. At first, the goal of escape rooms was to find a hidden key that would unlock the room so that you could escape. Now, escape rooms are more about the adventure and the experience you have while trying to solve the puzzles on offer.
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And if the thought of being “locked” in a room and needing to escape makes you nervous, please keep in mind that all escape rooms have emergency exits and you may leave at any time.

How long do they last?

These games generally last 60 minutes. The way to escape, or win, is to successfully finish all the puzzles or challenges within the room during the allotted time. However, most games are designed with a low win rate. They’re not setting you up to fail though – these games are created to encourage fun and teamwork rather than winning.

Are they scary?

At first, it might seem frightening to have to escape from a locked room.
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But these rooms are usually more fun than they are scary. The rooms have various themes such as zombies and outer space. Some themes may be scarier than others, but you can find out about the room before you reserve it.
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Also, some of the scarier themes may be too mature for younger people. Most rooms have age limits, but you will be able to find that out when you reserve the room as well.

Can you play by yourself?

Escape rooms are designed for teams, so it’s worth bearing in mind that they are not suitable for solo play. At least two people are required to play, and up to ten people can play the game at one time. However, the average number of players per room is between four and eight.

If you’re intrigued by escape rooms and want to enjoy an hour of fun with your friends, family or coworkers, be sure to give one a try.

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