How to Choose Bike Accessories for Summer Rides

by Sudarsan

Dreaming of pulling your favorite bikes for summer rides out of the garage and going out for frequent bike rides once the weather starts to heat up? If you’re a fan of summer biking, you may want to take a moment to consider which accessories to bring with you on your rides. Although having high-quality, reliable hybrid bikes is a great start, adding in some key accessories can really help ensure you have a pleasant biking experience. Here’s how you can tailor your summer bike rides by choosing the best accessories for your needs.

Consider Tailoring Your Accessories to Your Favorite Biking Locations

Your summertime bike trips are likely to take you out to new and exciting locations that you couldn’t explore during colder temperatures, so you may want to choose accessories suited specifically to those locations. For instance, depending on the type of place you plan to bike, you may need to change your tires out or get different biking outfits.
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Some of these locations might include:

  • Mountain trails
  • Local dirt roads or trails through the woods
  • The beach or the boardwalk
  • Historic downtowns or nearby neighborhoods

If you love the beach and specifically bought electric beach cruiser bikes, for example, you may also want to get sand- and humidity-resistant sunglasses. Tailoring your accessories to each location can help make your riding experience all the more pleasant.
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Make Sure You Have All the Necessary Weather-Appropriate Safety Gear

Another important aspect of accessories shopping is meeting safety requirements. Summertime weather can sometimes be unpredictable, so make sure you have all the necessary safety gear. For instance, at a minimum, you should make sure you have:

  • A safe, protective, and aerodynamic helmet that comes with appropriate ventilation so you won’t feel too sweaty during summer rides
  • Comfortable, light-colored knee and shoulder pads that will keep you cool and protected
  • A waterproof bike lock that won’t rust if your bike gets left out during a summer storm

Add In Some Playful Extras for a Summery Touch

Once you’ve chosen the accessories you need to complement your preferred riding locations and ensure summertime safety, it’s time to add in some playful extras. These extras can vary depending on your needs, but there are several key accessories that can add a summery touch to your bike. For example, consider looking for:

  • A woven bike basket where you can carry goodies from the summertime farmer’s market
  • Colorful stickers to lift your spirits
  • A water bottle holder so you can stay hydrated even in hot, humid weather
  • Front and rear lights if you plan on doing some nighttime riding
  • A phone mount to help you explore new areas

Summertime bike rides can be the perfect way to unwind, relax and explore the beauty of nature. However, in order to customize your ride, ensure weather-specific safety and make your riding experience as pleasant as possible, having summery accessories along for the ride is key. By following this quick guide, you can choose the best bike accessories that will complement your soothing summer rides.

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