Trending Shower Tiles Ideas to Try in 2020

by Doug Brown
Trending Shower Tiles Ideas to Try in 2020

If you are planning to give a new phase to your bathroom, then what else can be better from changing the shower tiles. Seeing those mesmerizing images of luxurious looking bathrooms online can definitely make up your mind to change the whole look. How about having mosaic shower tiles? Sounds fantastic, right? 

So basically, when it comes to retiling a shower or a bathroom, then you actually have to remodel from scratch. The process most likely begins from choosing tiles, and most of us may get overwhelmed by a huge array of options. From the glossy to the classic matte, here is a list of ideas that will give you a boost to do a shower redo this summer spring. 

#1. Comforting Weave 

One of the most prominent styles that have been in the evergreen list is the woven pattern. Adding a special touch to your shower area or the sidewalks of the bathroom with a wrap and thread look. Imagine your bathroom glammed up with a seafoam glossy shower wall tile or a salmon-orange tone. Definitely, this style is going to make the whole bathroom look more inviting and intimate. 

#2. Whimsical Waves

Try out some variegated and soft sheen tones, wave blue tiles by Oasis Tiles can actually mimic the flowing stream across your shower panel, even when the faucets are off. They look more appealing when paired with gold grouts, hence giving a luxurious look. 

#3. Go Geometric 

Geometric bathroom shower tiles have been always in vogue as they are known for giving a subtle tone to the whole bathroom. Either they can be used to accentuate the shower wall or can be matched with neutral tones to have a bold pattern. 

#4. Extended Elegance 

Well, not every time you need to paint in your bathroom to create a focal point. Try out a Bay Drift Blue shower wall tile or a Thunder Sky BlackMatte Porcelain Plank Tile to separate the shower wall visually. When combined with plain matte floor tiles, it will perfectly load a dramatic limitlessness to the shower space.

#5. Go Crazy with Colors

If you are not much into using bold tones for the bathroom, then try putting Colonial Aqua Beveled Hexagon Glossy Glass Tile to energize the shower space. Or else, you can go with Angels Wings Blue Wisteria Glossy Glass Mosaic shower Tile surrounded by white walls to add a soft texture in the shower area.

Final Words

The above-stated variety would have guided you regarding the various options you have for shower tiles. However, an additional tip here is to not just go ahead with the choice of tiles as per the design and looks. Instead, make sure to consider the ease of maintenance that will be there in the future whenever needed. So, for example, choose the tiles that would help prevent mould as much as possible in the shower walls. Though there is always an option to get the regrouting done from the professionals like shower regrouting perth whenever you face the mould issue because of moisture seeping in through the old grout of tiles. But still, it would be best to choose the tiles that come with ease of cleaning and maintenance along with a good look. So, ensure that you consider all the required factors and choose the best tiles for your bathroom.

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