What Are the Most Common Personal Injury Cases?

by Sudarsan Chakraborty

With personal injury cases, it is important to understand that a wide range of cases may fall under this category. Personal injury can be physical or psychological. It can also be the result of someone’s negligence.
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Who is a personal injury attorney?
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A personal injury attorney is a lawyer who specializes in cases involving physical or psychological injuries. They help their clients seek compensation for their injuries. These experts will work with you to understand the details of your case and help you build a strong argument to present to the insurance company or other party responsible for your injuries.

What is the average settlement for a personal injury case?

There is no set answer to this question, as each case is different. However, most personal injury attorneys will work on a contingency basis, meaning they will only get paid if they win your case.

The most common types of personal injury cases are:

1) Car accidents

These are among the most common personal injury cases and can result in debilitating injuries to victims, including broken bones, head trauma, and whiplash.

2) Workplace injuries

Workers who are injured on the job may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, which cover medical expenses and lost wages while the victim is unable to work.

3) Medical malpractice

If a doctor, nurse, or other healthcare professional makes a mistake that results in injury to a patient, the victim may have grounds for a medical malpractice lawsuit.

4) Slip and fall accidents

Property owners are responsible for maintaining safe environments for visitors and guests, so you may be entitled to compensation if you are injured in a slip and fall accident.

5) Assault or other violent crimes

If someone intentionally injures another person, the victim may be able to file criminal charges against the perpetrator and a civil lawsuit seeking damages for their injuries.

6) Defective products

If a defective product injures a consumer, they may be entitled to compensation from the manufacturer or distributor of that product.

Now that you know the different types of personal injury cases, you need to know the benefits of engaging a legal professional at Matt Fendon Law Group:

a) They will help you understand your rights and options

When you understand these rights and options, you will be able to decide how to proceed with your claim.

b) They can help gather evidence

It is important because you will need to provide evidence of the injury sustained and the damages incurred for your claim to be successful.

c) They can negotiate with the other party on your behalf

It is important because, in many cases, the other party will be represented by an insurance company or other legal counsel. If you do not have an attorney representing you, you may be disadvantaged.

d) They can take your case to trial, if necessary

If the other party does not agree to a fair settlement, your attorney can take your case to trial, where a judge or jury will determine how much you are entitled.

As you can see, there are many different types of personal injury cases.
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If you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence or intentional wrongdoing, you should speak with an experienced personal injury attorney to discuss your legal options.

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